My little sunshine

She found a spot of sunshine this morning and spent some time catching it before going to school.

She doesn’t know it yet, but that’s what I do every morning too.

Can you get married in university?

*Horror scenes of her eloping when she’s 19*

No! Of course not! Nobody, nobody gets married in university! You must wait till you’ve finished university. You can only get married when you’re out of university. Even then, it’s probably a good idea to wait for a while before deciding to get married. Do you understand?

Then why are you married? To Papa?

*Hubby bursts into mad laughter*

Oh, me. Erm. I’ve actually finished university. It’s just that I… erm… I like it so much, I decided to continue being in the university. Erm, yes. I finished university, then I married your Papa, then I decided to continue being in the university. You understand? You must finish university before you can even think of marrying anybody.

She looked half-convinced. Hubby sounded like he was going to asphyxiate laughing. I think I’ve better get back to writing that dissertation.

Who wants to guess where the lucky girl’s grandaunt works?
(If you know, it means you’ve been collecting too!)

On the way to music class, we were approached by a bunch of teenage boys selling flags.

What are they doing, Mummy?

They are asking me for money.


They are trying to help people who don’t have money. So they ask everybody whether they will like to help the people who don’t have money. If you’ll like to help, you give them some money, and they will help you pass the money to the poor people, who can then use the money to buy food to eat, to buy clothes to wear, to send their babies to school. You know all these things need money, right?

Yes, I know. Like you, Mummy.

Huh? Like me?

Like you, Mummy. You don’t have money. You are poor.

Halfway through class, we were confronted by a witch and her cat in the new song we were learning.

I’m scared! There’s a witch!

But that’s me. And that’s you. You’re my cat. Not all witches are nasty. There are good witches and bad witches, just like there are good cat and bad cats. There are good people and bad people, there are good and bad everything. You know that, right? It’s just that some people look good but they are actually nasty, some people look nasty but they are actually very nice. Can you name me one person who looks nasty but who is actually very nice?


Me?! ME?! I look nasty??!

Yes, but you’re actually very nice.

But I look very nasty?!

It’s ok, Mummy. You just look very nasty, you’re actually very nice.

So I almost always say no when she asks to buy something (which, to her credit, is a rare enough occurrence). But how did the lectures on the value of money (hard work and prudence, etc, etc) translate into my being a charity case?! And I look very nasty??!


This is why she is the apple of his eye.

Because she has given her heart to him.

(Ok, she actually gave that heart to me first when she brought it home from school. But she changed her mind a couple of weeks later and gave it to him instead. When I pouted, she cajoled, “He’s your papa, he’s your papa. It’s for your papa.”)

We spent the last 6 months going for class twice to thrice a week.

Waiting (extreme right).

Going through their dance routine (second from left).

Her favourite finger exercise (second from left).

Then my prima donna went in for her debut!

Note to self for her next exam:

1. Let her wear regular cotton socks, not silky stocking socks. According to her teacher, she was a bit distracted by her slippery socks and kept pulling them up. Eeps!

2. Do not gossip about the examiner in the restrooms. Ms B walked in on us!


♥♥ Valentine’s Day ♥♥

Evening stroll along the beach

Candlelight dinner
(Indian food is Mr Fluffy Hubby’s way of showing me love. She complained the flickering lights hurt her eyes… but it didn’t seem to have got in the way of her enjoying her food.)

Train ride into the night

♥♥ My Birthday ♥♥

They brought me for chili crabs.

She gathered orange flowers from the ground for me.

He gave me a bouquet of red roses.
(And a gold watch. And went along with my insane requests for McDonalds apple pie & fries and a family photoshoot back at home.)

She recorded a surprise birthday song for me on my iPhone — all by herself!

I am loved.


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