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♥♥ Valentine’s Day ♥♥

Evening stroll along the beach

Candlelight dinner
(Indian food is Mr Fluffy Hubby’s way of showing me love. She complained the flickering lights hurt her eyes… but it didn’t seem to have got in the way of her enjoying her food.)

Train ride into the night

♥♥ My Birthday ♥♥

They brought me for chili crabs.

She gathered orange flowers from the ground for me.

He gave me a bouquet of red roses.
(And a gold watch. And went along with my insane requests for McDonalds apple pie & fries and a family photoshoot back at home.)

She recorded a surprise birthday song for me on my iPhone — all by herself!

I am loved.


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An indulgent hi-tea.

Some extravagant jewellery.

But nothing beats the moment when our 4.5 years old little girl asked, “Mummy, why did you marry Papa? He is always laughing at you.”

With tears in my eyes, I gasped, “Oh yes, he’s been laughing at me for EIGHT YEARS.”

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C Party

cake. chocolate coated chips. cookies. cream. coffee.

1. She learnt her C words.
2. I cleared Christmas goodies.
3. Mr Fluffy Hubby played barista with his new Nespresso machine.
4. And we celebrated the New Year!

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Christmas Eve: she leaves a present on the foyer settee for Santa Claus. Snow scene with our house on the bottom right. It has a flower growing inside and a kitty cat sitting outside. Waiting.

Is Santa going to make it?

Christmas Day!

Ho ho ho!

Christmas party, roast turkey. Garnished with so many spices, stuffed with sweet dates, served with warm mushrooms and drenched in tangy cranberry sauce.

There were also home-cooked spaghetti aglio olio with portobello mushrooms, takeaway pizzas with garlic bread and chicken drumlets, popiah, tomato and red pepper soup.

Plum cake for dessert. Moist.

Fruit cake – untouched. Chocolate cookies at the side were a hit.

The best eggs in the world — jelly eggs! They were a lovely surprise. She gobbled half a jelly egg, swallowed another 5 mini cups of wobbly jellies and inhaled 1 scoop of watermelon ice cream plus 1 more scoop of cookies & cream ice cream.

We gave away a huge chocolate log cake. Because we really couldn’t eat anymore!

Rapunzel dress from her grandparents, Disney Princesses Ultimate Guide from us, Dr Seuss box set from her elder uncle and aunty, Dora backpack + tumbler + wrist strap + Boots ring + Princess Belle jigsaw puzzle + Disney Princesses 2011 calendar from her younger uncle and aunty, Dora’s 10 Best Adventures from Aunty S, orange kitty cat purse from Aunty CL, Royce Baton Cookies + Candy Cane + Hello Kitty pen from her school, and Fantasia DVD from Santa Claus!

Leftover Face Shop masks from Mr Fluffy Hubby’s office party. I grabbed them for myself.

Some love from Mr Fluffy Hubby. I badgered him for every single one of these gifts. Except kitty cat. I found her sitting in my living room on Christmas Eve. I think she looks like me.

Also to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Together for 10 years, married for 8.

Random stuff I got for him.

But this is the real present.

Merry Christmas!

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She tells me

If there’s a lollipop and there’s Mummy, I’ll choose Mummy.

(Photo credit)

That’s colossal.

(Photo credit)

That’s love.

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It’s almost midnight

She suddenly wakes and calls out clearly: MUMMY.

From the baby monitor, I hear her. She sounds awfully lucid.

I answer: What is it, baby?

She pauses for a moment.

I hold my breath as I wait for her to state her next demand.

She replies: I love you.

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More Saturday magic

We found these huge strawberry meringue pies last Saturday. It was the first time we were having lunch at the cafe even though we’ve been passing by it every Saturday for the larger part of the year.

These are what my days with her are like. Sweet, soft and unexpected, full of surprises and discoveries, and always, always, filled to the brim with wonders.

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