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Everybody’s asleep. There’s only me.


I drink it all up. It’s delicious.


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It is now 2am and I have just eaten 4 mini strawberry rolls + 4 mini chocolate éclairs. 😀

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Mr Fluffy Hubby and I were queuing up at Polar when I realised, to my horror, that my favourite sugar rolls now come in two versions – the regular one thickly coated with a crunchy layer of sugar, and the other new one without even a speck of sugar.

Taking some time to digest the sight of the non-sugared sugar rolls, I finally declared to Mr Fluffy Hubby, “I’d bet the people who eat Polar sugar rolls without sugar are the same people who drink diet coke.” Mr Fluffy Hubby raised his eyebrows and asked most patronisingly, “And what type of people are these?”

Tightening my grip on the Polar boxes containing no less than the eight regular sugar rolls I planned on eating for breakfast and tea tomorrow, I informed him with much relish, “Loser.”

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… and I would really like this!



Unfortunately, it seems to be only available in Denmark, even though it’s produced by the global giant dairy corporation, Nestle.

At least, I haven’t seen it in Singapore. Any chance I’m wrong?


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