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C Party

cake. chocolate coated chips. cookies. cream. coffee.

1. She learnt her C words.
2. I cleared Christmas goodies.
3. Mr Fluffy Hubby played barista with his new Nespresso machine.
4. And we celebrated the New Year!


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1. I finished the 1st draft of my dissertation.

2. We fired our maid.

3. I spent half a year juggling trying to be a good mother, to get on with writing the 2nd draft of my dissertation, to make sure there’s dinner on the table and clean dishes to serve them in every night, fresh underwear and clothes to wear everyday, and a relatively sanitary apartment to live in every week.

4. I fell out with my younger brother’s wife.

5. I finally found a suitable maid — after 3 duds.

6. We transferred our little girl to another preschool, started her on abacus, ballet and formal music classes.

7. I received (yet) an(other) extension of my PhD candidature.

8. I finished the 2nd draft of the main part of my dissertation.

9. I pay less school fees.

10. We went to Taiwan and Hong Kong!

It’s a wrap. 2011!

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The New Year

Mr Fluffy Hubby and I watched the ships’ flares from our apartment.

She would have loved it, but she was tucked safely in her bed, sound asleep. That’s ok, she’ll grow up, and she’ll stay up for the new years to come.

There’s a better, clearer, sharper, more professional photo.

But I like this one. It’s all blurry and squiggly.

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I’ve never worked so hard through Christmas. I guess it’s different when it’s still the 3rd? 5th? 6th? year of your PhD. I don’t even know how they count the number of years anymore. But surely it means, there’s hope yet for me.

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