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Everybody’s asleep. There’s only me.


I drink it all up. It’s delicious.


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What about you? Have you found love?

I hope she never loses sight of it.

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Only once a week

On Sunday mornings, I drop Mr Fluffy Hubby and her off at the enrichment school. He brings her up the 8 flights of stairs (but being smarter/less hardy than me, he makes her climb them herself) for her art class. Having settled her in, he reads his newspapers, occasionally peeping in at her. Once, she caught him checking her out, and she winked at him. He was so flabbergasted I almost didn’t have the heart to tell him that she and her favourite boy in school wink at each other everyday.

After dropping them off at the enrichment school, I park the car at the shopping centre opposite. Then I head to the supermarket and haul our groceries for the week.

A Winnie Pooh cushion display I saw at the supermarket one Sunday while she was at art class. I knew she would love it, so I took a quick photo of it to show her.

When the hour is up, I join them at the enrichment school. We go for brunch, almost aways at McDonald’s. She gets a balloon. Then we make our way back up to the enrichment school. I dress her for her beloved ballet class. She has a ball of a time.

After her ballet class, we go over to the shopping centre opposite. Mr Fluffy Hubby gets her stroller from the car while she and I buy her post-nap snack. She knocks out easily enough in her stroller. Mr Fluffy Hubby and I spend some time alone. When she wakes up, we have dinner. Her grandfather comes down especially to eat with her.

Then it’s back home to either play a game, or straight to bathe. As with every night, we read at least 2 books in bed – 1 Chinese, 1 English. And as with every night, the best of all is when we snuggle down and talk about our day. Then she sleeps.

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Somebody magical from Disneyland

Who keeps her safe and hugs her to sleep every afternoon in school, who hangs out with her at the poolside every day after school, and who keeps away the nightmares and holds her tight every night.

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If there was only one thing she wanted this Christmas, it would be to meet Santa Claus at Robinsons and to get a mini lollipop from him again. So we brought her to Centrepoint’s Robinsons after her Kindermusik lesson one Saturday. Santa wasn’t there! He had left! The Robinsons Christmas booklet didn’t state the timings, so we were under the impression that it was an all day meet & greet session during the weekends. She was horribly let down. We met the musical bears instead. I thought they were lovely. But she remained crestfallen.

More musical bears travelling along. I thought they were lovely too, but she was still unimpressed. Probably because she has already seen them last year. Besides, they weren’t about to give her a lolly.

A Christmas tree made up of musical bears. I got as excited as last year; she was even less enthusiastic than last year.

Then, we discovered a ferris wheel full of bears. That’s Papa Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear waiting for their turn there. We stood staring at it for a long while, enthralled by the slow rounds it was taking its time to make, enchanted by the lilting little tune it was playing. She forgot her disappointment, finally. (Ok, she had a meltdown once we walked away from the ferris wheel, but it worked its magic while it lasted.)

We went to Plaza Singapura to catch the Care Bears.

Funshine Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear and Share Bear singing and dancing away.

We had ice cream topped with M&Ms after that.

Stumbled onto the Christmas activities at 313 Somerset.

We took a photo with Santa and Santarina here. She wasn’t particularly taken with this Santa Claus because he didn’t have a lollipop for her. After all, Christmas is one of the few times in the year during which she gets to stuff herself silly with sweets. What good is Santa to her if he’s not going to give her at least a mini lolly?

Blackforest cake with chocolate ice cream for dessert after that.

Balloon sculpturing at Tanglin Mall. I thought the nativity scene was one of the best balloon sculptures I’ve come across. She got herself an orange balloon cat after her Kindermusik lesson.

A capella at Paragon. She was so taken with the Christmas carols they were singing, she stood rooted to her spot one floor up and refused to go for her dinner till the performance was over. Then she made sure she went to thank them for singing, before finally agreeing to go for dinner.

We brought her back to Robinsons the last day Santa Claus was supposed to be around. This time, we went to Raffles City. She finally met the right Santa who gave her a mini lollipop. That totally made her Christmas. (Even though I thought last year’s Christmas meet & greet with photo-taking at Centrepoint’s Robinsons was much better compared to Santa randomly walking around Raffles City this year.) Getting a balloon snowman was an added stroke of luck.

Ben & Jerry’s cookies & cream and strawberry ice cream covered in mini M&Ms. We had a voucher, so we paid only $0.50 for it. It was so good!

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More Saturday magic

We found these huge strawberry meringue pies last Saturday. It was the first time we were having lunch at the cafe even though we’ve been passing by it every Saturday for the larger part of the year.

These are what my days with her are like. Sweet, soft and unexpected, full of surprises and discoveries, and always, always, filled to the brim with wonders.

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Saturday magic

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