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Camera Collection

So we have:

1. Canon EOS 550D Digital SLR

(Photo credit)

Our most recent acquisition. Beautiful. I am in love love love.

2. Canon E0S 66 Film SLR

(Photo credit)

We bought this so many years ago, even before the child came along – heck, even before we got married, I think! We were young enough to make a big purchase on a whim while passing by the Canon roadshow outside Lido. I subsequently paid for a series of photography classes as a gift for Mr Fluffy Hubby. I thought it went well with the camera.

3. Panasonic Lumix LX3

(Photo credit)

The camera I carry with me when Mr Fluffy Hubby is not around to lug the DSLR. It’s also my de facto camera for taking photos of the child at home. I hate the lens cap (Get with the times, Panasonic. It’s year 2010. Who still uses lens caps that need to be manually removed and fitted back on?!), but love the photos.

4. Fujifilm Finepix F11

(Photo credit)

Our old camera which we never got rid of. The hues of blue and green!

5. Yashica FX7 film camera

(Photo credit)

Mr Fluffy Hubby borrowed this from a friend years and years ago… and never returned it?! Friend has since re-located to Hong Kong – for an indefinite period of time. So I guess it’s ours? I would take this out for a spin, except that it weighs a ton + developing film is expensive, especially when it’s wasted on an amateur like me.

6. Fujifilm Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25

(Photo credit)

Former BFF took off with the Instax Mr Fluffy Hubby had given me for my birthday. Ever since then, I’d been hankering to get another, but couldn’t bear to part with the bucks. Of course, I totally regretted my inopportune decision to stinge at Disneyland. I finally caved in recently and bought the Hello Kitty for the child’s 4th birthday, together with loads of films and albums. But I was so caught up in the celebration that I clean forgot about it till the party had ended! Maybe the Instax and I are just not meant to be. Argh.

7. Holga 120SF

(Photo credit)

I got this as a gift for Mr Fluffy Hubby when we were in university. There were no shops selling it in Singapore then. (Is this imaginable in lomo-crazed Singapore? That is how old we are.) I had to order it from overseas.

8. Golden Half

(Photo credit)

I got this last year for Mr Fluffy Hubby. It has given us some lovely photos from Disneyland.

9. Diana Mini

(Photo credit)

I made Mr Fluffy Hubby get this for me last year. I’ve not had a chance to use it yet. Ahem.

10. Digital Buchineko

(Photo credit)

I made Mr Fluffy Hubby get this for me last year too, at the height of my obsession with lomography. I loved the photos and videos. But I want the Digital Harinezumi 2 now! Improved macro for photos plus sound recording for videos! Mr Fluffy Hubby refuses to get it for me. Even though I have sorta given my Buchineko to the child to play with.

11. Ikimono

Polar bear for Mr Fluffy Hubby and rabbit for me. We’ve never used these because I can’t get them to work! Someone teach me how to operate 110 film already.

11, 12, 13 cameras (because, erm, we have doubles for some of these cameras)… and I’ve not even started on the lenses!


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This is a Christmas Wish List for her, thought up by me.

The only wishes she has for this Christmas are to meet Santa Claus at Robinsons, and to ask for a candy cane and a Secret Present from him. Since we’re already bringing her for her tête-à-tête with Santa, and we’ve got her candy cane hooked up on our Christmas tree and her Secret Present wrapped up under it, both to be opened and savoured on Christmas morning, these are the rest of the stuff I’m guessing she’d be more than happy to receive:

A mini Minnie Mouse remote control car. We got his for her friend’s birthday. She wanted it too, but was so good about not fussing for it (or for anything else for that matter during that shopping trip, because she understood it was her friend’s birthday, not hers), I think she really does deserve to have it as well! Please make sure it’s the mini version, because she always prefers mini versions. You can get this at Parkway Parade, Isetan, for $19.90.

An acrylic & canvas paint set for children. Please do not get the Alex set featured above (it’s expensive and it has only flowers for painting). I’m using the Alex picture above for demonstration purposes only because I cannot find a picture of the one I have in mind. You can get a bigger, cheaper, non-branded set with more varieties at Parkway Parade, Giant. I cannot remember how much it costs, but it should be less than $20, and definitely not more than $30.

You & Me Magic Milk & Juice Bottles. She loves playing Mommy. She would be so happy feeding her baby bears and kitty cats from the bottles. Please get all three different types – milk, orange juice, ribena, if you’re getting these. They should come up to less than $10 from Toysrus.

Safety helmet, elbow & knee pads. She has just received a pre-loved bike from my BFF S. S even got her brand new red bell (just like Dora’s!) to go with it. But Mr Fluffy Hubby is adamant about her not getting on it until she has her full safety gear ie helmet + elbow pads + knee pads. If you’re getting this, please remember to check that you’re getting it in the correct size for ages 3-5, and please bear in mind that she’d take orange over pink any day, even if the orange set is meant for boys. Toysrus sells these as a set for $49.95.

Hungry Frog. I loved this game when I was a kid! I remember having so much fun with my father and brothers the night we brought it back from the toy store. Except it was called Hungry Hungry Hippos then. I think she’s about old enough to start learning how to play group games with rules. This is the perfect game to start with – it’s noisy and exciting! I saw it at Centrepoint’s Robinsons for less than $20.

Dora’s Buildable Playground Adventure Megabloks. She loves Dora, and I’d love to have her build up her building skills. Please do not get her Dora’s Buildable House (they look awfully similar at a glance) because she already has a dollhouse. You can get this at any major departmental stores. However, I’ve not seen this at Parkway’s Isetan recently, probably because of the mess from their renovation. I’ve seen it at Centrepoint’s Robinsons though. It costs $79.90, so please share the exorbitant gift if you’re getting this for her.

Boot’s Buildable Treehouse Adventure Megabloks. She would have a lot of fun hanging out with Dora and Boots at the treehouse. So if you’re getting her a present on your own, and would like to get her something Dora-related, this would be ideal. I cannot remember how much this costs, but it shouldn’t be more than $30.

Say, Backpack! She would, of course, love this, Dora fangirl that she is. I’ve not seen this anywhere though. Please do not get her either the version with megabloks inside (because we want only the Playground and Treehouse megabloks sets), or the orange backpack (because that’s Diego’s; Dora’s backpack is purple).

Disney Princess Ariel or Princess Belle only. I’ve decided that it’s time for her to be introduced to the Princess Pop Culture – it’s integral to being cool. She’s going to school now, she’s learning social skills. So it’s time for her to learn what needs to be learned to at least know what her peers are going on about. Whether or not we agree with the fads is another matter (thank goodness). But only Ariel or Belle please, because I haven’t figured out how to explain the… erm… frailty of the other Princesses. If you get Ariel, please make sure she’s in mermaid form because she’d probably be rather disappointed to have her mermaid princess come with legs instead of a tail. A set of books on the Disney Princesses will also be welcome. You can get the dolls at any major departmental stores and the book set at Borders. I have no idea how much any of these cost. But please get the simplest princess (is this an oxymoron: simple and princess?) doll you can find – that should be less than $30. A set of princess books would probably cost more, though I can’t say how much exactly either.

Other than these, Borders book vouchers are good too. She loves books even more than she loves toys. Puzzles and learning/educational games are also always much appreciated (by me – I can’t guarantee her enthusiasm for these, seeing that she runs away when called upon by her teacher to count).

And if you’re so kind as to be thinking of getting a gift for either Mr Fluffy Hubby or me, please do not crack your head over what we want. Let me clue you in.

Mr Fluffy Hubby just wants rubber spatulas (for baking) and Marks & Spencers soaps. For real. He’s been baking. Here’s photographic evidence:

As for the soaps, I guess he really needs to wash up after all that baking? Don’t ask me.

Now that I’ve gone and done it and we’re all going to be snowed in an avalanche of rubber spatulas and Marks & Spencer soaps (at least, we’re going to eat cookies and cakes, and smell nice, and therefore, hopefully, also be nice to one another) this Christmas, let me ask for just 1 thing, since I can’t have all the Kate Spade, Prada and Chanel bags, and digital SLR camera, and babies I want:

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence aka Miracle Water. Why? Because it’s the season of miracles and I sure could do with one. Ho ho ho.

PS. Please either leave me a comment or email me if you’re getting us any of the above gifts, so that there won’t be repeats! It’s ok if you’re getting Marks & Spencer soaps for Mr Fluffy Hubby though. I don’t think he can get enough of them. Maybe he regularly takes a swig from them. I wouldn’t know the dirty details of his addiction, but that would explain the occasional sodden behaviour.

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I guess that makes Mr Fluffy Hubby the ultimate egoist. 😀

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There are so many, but these are the ones I think we may try going for (I’m not very sure yet because I hate crowds and detest fighting for Meet & Greet sessions. The stuff I do for her!):

Mr. Men and Little Miss
Dates: 20 – 29 Nov 2009

Show Times: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Venue: Takashimaya Square, B2







Parkway Parade
Dates: 28 Nov – 6 Dec 2009

Show Times:
Tues – Thur: 1pm & 7pm
Fri – Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
No shows on Mondays

Meet & Greet: With a minimum spending of $30 (same day single receipt) you are entitled to redeem a meet & greet pass to come up close and personal with the characters. Hurry, limited passes per show.

Venue: Basement Atrium

Catch the latest POKÉMON characters Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar & Pikachu in an exciting musical!









Plaza Singapura
Care Bears Musical Intro Meet & Greet
Dates: 1 – 6 Dec 2009 (Tue to Sun)

Show Times:
Tues – Thurs: 1pm, 7pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm, 5pm & 7pm

Game Segment:
Tues – Thurs: 5pm

Tea Party:
Thurs only: 3pm

Meet & Greet: Spend a minimum of $30 (limit to 30 passes per session only, each pass admits family of 4) for a photo opportunity after the show. CapitaCard members only need to charge $20 to redeem.

Venue: Main Atrium, Level 1

Meet Love-A-Lot Bear, Share Bear and Funshine Bear. Sing along to delightful tunes and have a “fuzzy cuddly” good times with Care Bears this Christmas!



Millenia Walk
Hello Kitty’s Christmas Wish

Dates & Show Times:
4 & 11 Dec 2009 at 7.30pm
5, 6, 12 & 13 Dec at 3pm & 6pm

Venue: The Great Hall, Level 1

Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel and Bad Badtz Maru will sing and dance on stage and children will get a chance to take home a snap of themselves with the Sanrio character (available for the first 40 children only).

United Square
Barney’s World of Imagination
Dates: 2 – 14 Dec 2009

Show Times:
Mon-Fri: 2pm & 7pm
Sat & Sat: 2pm, 5pm & 7pm
No shows on Tuesdays

Meet & Greet: Spend $30 in a single receipt to have your photo taken with Barney & Friends after the show. Photo passes will be issued 1 hour before every show. Bring along your own camera. Limited to first 50 families per session.

This Christmas, embark on a journey into the World of Imagination with Barney & Friends as they perform “Live” in the mall. What’s more, we have lined up exciting activities for you and your family.

Mickey & Friends Meet & Greet
Dates: 4 – 14 Dec 2009

Meet & Greet Times & Venues:
2pm & 3.30pm at Central Court, Level 1
6pm & 7.30pm at Amphitheatre, Level 3
Spend $100 to redeem a pass for Meet & Greet session










Suntec City Mall
SpongeBob Square Pants Live Musical Show
Dates: 5 – 13 December 2009

Venue: Tropics Atrium

Come and join us as we celebrate SpongeBob’s 10th year anniversary with an all-new live musical show, Stories from Bikini Bottom!








Sesame Street Live Show
Dates: 15 – 20 Dec 2009

Show Times: 1pm, 4pm and 7pm (20 minutes musical show)

Meet & Greet: 10-minute meet & greet after musical show

Watch & Meet Abby Cadabby, Elmo & Friends from Sesame Street! Make friends with Abby Cadabby – the newest resident and fairy-in-training at Sesame Street, as well as Elmo, Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster!




Downtown East
Looney Tunes Mini Musical Live Show
Come catch the exciting Mini Musical Live Show by the Looney Tunes Active Characters happening on Weekends and Public Holidays and have your photos taken with these lovely characters!

Dates: 22 Nov – 25 Dec 2009 (Weekends & Public Holidays Only)
Additional show on 21 November 2009 at 12.30pm.

Show Times: 6 – 6.30pm

Venue: Event Square

Meet & Greet: Limited to 50 photo-taking passes per session

Nite Parade
Looney Tunes Active Characters will be appearing for this magnificent Nite Parade! Come join your favourite Characters at this Nite Parade!

Dates: 21 Nov – 27 Dec 2009 (Weekends Only)

Show Times: 8 – 8.30pm

Parade Route: Event Square, The Alley & E!hub
Parade route subject to change without prior notice







These, on the other hand, are the ones we’re definitely going for:

Tanglin Mall
Enjoy the Snow Session in Tanglin Mall
Dates: Daily

Avalanche Times: 7.30 – 7.45pm & 8.30 – 8.45pm
Snow Times: 7.45 – 8.00pm & 8.45 – 9.00pm
Subject to weather conditions

We have Kindermusik classes at Tanglin Mall. I’m sure we can manipulate it such that we attend one of the classes in the evening, have a great dinner, then go for the avalanche and snow!

Photo-taking with Santa Claus
Magic show by Danny the Magician
Balloon Art by Balloon Sculptor
The Beary Christmas Musical
Dates: Every weekend

She met Santa Claus last year and he gave her a lollipop. She is looking forward to her lollipop this year. Besides, she has a lot of stuff to tell Santa!

And how can we not go say hi to the bears of the Beary Christmas Musical?

Changi Airport
Christmas is Bigger at Changi
Dates: 11 Nov 2009 – 4 Jan 2010










Get Spellbound By The Big Musical Ball
Over 6 metres high, this revolving creation of wonder will play your favourite Christmas carols. Watch the musical ball perform and bring home gifts and candies that delight the young and old!

Show Times:
Musical performance will be at half-hourly interval from 6am to 10pm every day – 6am, 6:30am, 7am, 7:30am, 8am, 8:30am, 9am, 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am, 11am, 11:30am, 12noon, 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm, 3pm, 3:30pm, 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm, 9:30pm and 10pm

Sweets and gifts will be dispensed at the end of the musical performances from 7pm to 10pm on weekdays and from 12noon to 10pm on weekends.

The Big Musical Ball will take a break from midnight to 6am hours.

Venue: Terminal 3, Public Area, Departure Check-in Hall Level 2 (in front of Departure Immigration)

Be Enchanted By The Big Snow Fantasy
Kids will love spending hours bouncing and sliding at this delightful wonderland and experience the magic of snowfall at Terminal 3, Departure Check-in Hall.

Show Times: 12pm – 10pm

Venue: Terminal 3, Public Area, Departure Check-in Hall Level 2 (Check-in Row 11)

Enjoy A Sure-Win Gift When You Shop And Dine
Spend $50 in a single receipt by VISA (or $80 in a single receipt by any other means) in the public area and take home a sure-win gift. Enter the redemption booth and pick a bauble that you like and keep the present within. Each bauble will contain a gift – either a $5 Changi Dollar Voucher or a customised Christmas soft toy.

Time: 11am – 11pm daily

Venue of Redemption Booth: Terminal 3 Level 3 (next to Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant)

Sweets and gifts at the end of the musical performance! It will be her perfect Christmas.

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Now, this is totally unfair.

1. I didn’t say I need A SMALL HAMSTER. I said, I need A BUNCH OF HAMSTERS. What good is ONE TINY HAMSTER? GIMME A BUNCH OF THEM!!! Sheesh, represent me correctly, mister.

2. Did my husband just call me a BEAST?

In my defense:

PS. I’m not the kid who squeezed the hamster till its eyes popped out. Really!

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The Slow Dancer

Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLD)


Steady, reliable, and cradling her tenderly. Take a deep breath, and let it out real easy…you are The Slow Dancer.

Your focus is love, not sex, and for your age, you have average experience. But you’re a great, thoughtful guy, and your love life improves every year. There’s also a powerful elimination process working in your favor: most Playboy types get stuck raising unwanted kids before you even begin settling down. The women left over will be hot and yours. Your ideal woman is someone intimate, intelligent, and very supportive.

While you’re not exactly the life of the party, you do thrive in small groups of smart people. Your circle of friends is extra tight and it’s HIGHLY likely they’re just like you. You appreciate symmetry in relationships.

Your exact male opposite:
The Hornivore
Random Brutal Sex Master

ALWAYS AVOID: The Battleaxe (DBLM)
CONSIDER: The Maid of Honor (DGLM), The Sonnet (DGLD)

The Online Dating Persona Test @ OkCupid – free online dating.

Shall We Dance? by Stacey Kent – that’s our 2nd wedding song. The 1st is 100 years by Five for Fighting. He is The Slow Dancer.

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INTJ – The Mastermind

You scored 25 I vs E, 20 N vs S, 60 F vs T, and 80 J vs P!

Your ideal romantic partner is known as the Mastermind. As a romantic partner, this type can be both fascinating yet demanding. They are not apt to express their emotions, leaving their partners wondering where they are with them. They strongly dislike repeating themselves or listening to the disorganized process of sorting through emotional conflicts. They see their own commitments as self-evident and don’t see the need to repeat something already expressed. They have the most difficulty in admitting their vulnerabilities. They feel the most appreciated when their partners admire the quality of their innovations and when they listen respectfully to their ideas and advice. They need plenty of quiet to explore their interests to the depth that gives them satisfaction.The group summary:rationals (NT) The type summary:INTJ

This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people’s:

Higher than 4% on I versus E
Higher than 10% on N versus S
Higher than 55% on F versus T
Higher than 62% on J versus P

The Best Personality Type for You Test on Ok Cupid

After my MBTI ENFJ IIJPUM BITCH test, I took an additional test to see which and who is my ideal personality type. You know which – INTJ – The Mastermind. No prizes for guessing who.

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
– Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare

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