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Rest in peace, Mistress of Magic.
(Anybody who holds a cat like that knows old magic.)

Thank you for the dreams and fantasies and… possibilities.

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So I’ve been reading this blog for a year, maybe two.

Ai is Japanese. She writes about music for a living. She blogs (mostly in English) with lovely photographs of what she cooks and eats. Sometimes, she features her very adorable niece and nephew.

Her parents live in Fukushima. But her niece and nephew are staying with her now.

She is still blogging. Go take a look.

it will stop raining*

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If you’re in Singapore, these are the ways you can give to Japan.

1. Online sales
Many online stores are donating part or even all of their proceeds to Japan. Crafters, designers, artists and photographers are contributing their work for sale. Buy from them, help Japan.

2. Singapore Red Cross
If you prefer to donate directly, SRC accepts

SMS donations
Every SMS you send to 75772 donates $50 to Japan.

Bank transfer donations
For OCBC donations, refer to SRC’s Annex 1 for the user guide.
For DBS donations, refer to www.dbs.com.sg for information.
For UOB donations, refer to www.uob.com.sg for details.

Cheque donations
Cheques are to be made payable to the “Singapore Red Cross Society.” At the back of the cheque, please indicate:

i) Name
ii) IC/Passport No.
iii) Address and Contact Number
iv) “Japan Disaster 2011”

Cash donations
Walk in to 15 Penang Lane from
Mondays to Fridays 9.30am-9pm or
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 9.30am – 6pm.

All donations are non tax-deductable.

3. Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant, Guardian, Shop N Save, 7-Eleven
They are partnering with Singapore Red Cross to raise funds for Japan. Look for collection tins at the cashiers.

4. Popular, Harris, {prologue}, UrbanWrite
Singapore Red Cross donation tins are also available at all stores.

5. Takashimaya
If you’re going downtown this weekend, Takashimaya is collecting cash and cheque donations on behalf of Singapore Red Cross. Follow SRC’s format for cheque donations. Donation boxes are at Level 1 Main Entrance and The Atrium.

6. Via corporations
Some corporations are matching donations dollar for dollar. Google to find one you are comfortable with.

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Retail billionaire Tadashi Yanai, founder and president of Uniqlo’s parent company Fast Retailing, will donate 1 billion yen ($12.2 million) of his personal fortune towards relief efforts in northeastern Japan. An additional 400 million yen ($4.9 million) will come from the company coffers… Uniqlo will also distribute coats, jeans, towels and 300,000 pairs of its Heattech thermal underwear to victims, representing an additional $8.6 million of aid.


That’s USD$25.6 million altogether.

In contrast, Singapore — a country, as opposed to a retail store — has donated $0.5 million.

So here’s how the cookie crumbles:

Haiti humanitarian relief aid — $50 000
Japan humanitarian relief aid — $500 000
Singapore Presidential salary — $890 700

Give to Japan. Because we can.

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Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.

– Elvis Presley

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I need a farmer. Pronto.

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